Bridget Whitehead has been practising Yoga since 1989 and teaching since 1999.  Bridget originally trained to teach yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and completed her training with them in 2002.  She then went on to train with the Inner Yoga Trust (IYT) and completed her training with the IYT in 2004.  Bridget is a registered elder with the Independent Yoga Network, and a registered senior teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

The IYT have an experiential approach to teaching  and practising yoga, which Bridget enjoys and brings into her teaching style.  Bridget has continued to train with the IYT to teach on their 500 hour teacher training diploma course.  (Please see the IYT link for further details and courses in the Pembrokeshire area, and other areas in the UK.)

In 2007 Bridget qualified to teach Antenatal Yoga. She is also available to teach one to one sessions at her own home or in the comfort of your own home, or is available to teach small groups for regular session or as a one off educational visit.   Please also see the classes page and workshops page.

  “Yoga is an holistic practice that brings life and awareness to our bodies and so is suitable for every body.  Yoga encourages relaxation, flexibility and strength in a completely gentle and non competitive way.  Yoga improves posture and helps to release stiffness and tensions in your muscles and joints.  It can help alleviate common problems such as backache, tiredness, constipation, insomnia and anxiety.  It will increase your vitality, reduce stress levels and bring greater awareness of body, breath and mind.”   

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